L’Armoire Exhibition | 5 April – 16 May 2013


Venue: Gater Lane, Waterford City

Admission Free


An exhibition of painting, textiles and sculpture by Kathleen Delaney. Armoire A large, often ornate cabinet or wardrobe. (French armoire, from Old French armaire, from Latin armrium, chest, from arma, tools)

In the UK the wardrobe filtered down into popular taste through the royal courts, where chests were required for the elaborate robes of kings and queens. They also served to contain treasures such as gold. The wardrobes housed the garments and paraphernalia of stately functions. The arrangement and detailing of such wardrobes were meticulously planned and detailed. During the Baroque period the wardrobe became more versatile which aided its metamorphosis into the modern form. In relation to the size of a wardrobe there are cultural overtones which are universal, with the average dimensions allowing that eight slightly built men could fit inside the closed chambers.

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